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We build industrial, logistics, commercial and agricultural warehouses, providing a 360º service, from the project to turnkey delivery.

Building with Miller Building International is building with the leader. Our ships are industry standards. And that is why we work for clients who are looking for a company committed to providing the highest quality, applying the best global practices, through a prepared team, with the experience and knowledge necessary to carry out building subjects in a timely manner. more demanding.

A committed organization.
When a client builds their warehouse with Miller Building International, they know that their project will become a reality as planned, within the agreed time frame.

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    Types of Sheds

    Characteristics of our Metal Sheds


    For the porches of the Shed we have two alternatives. Automatically electro-welded profiles with double “T” section with full core or shaped “double C” type profiles according to the characteristics of the shed and the customer’s needs.

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    Straps or Stringers

    Profiles made of steel sheet type “Z” and/or “C” that are fixed to the beams by means of bolts and receive the roof covering panels and side enclosures.

    We also have a system of belts that allow the generation of large spans, with less need for support columns.

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    Roof cover

    Trapezoidal wave panels  rib Panel type, formed in our Industrial Plant, of galvanized (zinc-plated), pre-painted or aluminized steel,

    Standing Seam Roof (S.S.R.) type panels, formed in our Industrial Plant,  galvanized (zinc-plated), prepainted or aluminized steel. These panels are fastened  internally with clips specially designed to allow free expansion of the same, and engraved on the exterior ridge, thus guaranteeing watertightness.

    U300 panels, formed in our Industrial Plant, of galvanized (zinc-plated), pre-painted or aluminized steel. This panel, due to its aesthetics,  se utiliza también para cielorrasos.

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    Side enclosures

    Trapezoidal wave panels  Rib Panel type, formed in our Industrial Plant, from galvanized (zinc-plated), pre-painted or aluminized steel.

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    According to the aesthetics of the shed design, we can use: 

    Overhead lighting with  polycarbonate skylights  for roof covering

    Horizontal or vertical lighting in  Reinforced fiberglass or polycarbonate sheets located on the side cover

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    Fixing elements

    All our metal structure is bolted

    The roof deck panels and side enclosures are attached to the purlins using self-tapping screws.

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    Zinc work

    From our manufacturing, made with smooth galvanized or aluminized steel sheet with natural or prepainted finish, according to design, we make the following  pieces: gutters, funnels, corners, ridges and skirts.

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    Thermal insulation

    On the roof deck and side enclosures, according to design  can be placed  different types of insulation, depending on the use that will be given to the building, it can be glass wool, rock wool, panels with a polyurethane core.

    Insulation is placed between the panels and metal straps,  fastened in the case of the roof covering, by means of a tensioned mesh.

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    We design, build and deliver metal buildings and turnkey works throughout the country for industry, commerce, logistics, hangars, laboratories and other activities. All our metal structures are shot blasted prior to painting them.
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